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Want to teach in California?

A few people have asked me about what exactly I’ve had to do to go into teaching. It is a very long, confusing process (and probably unnecessarily so) and having gone through it I thought other folks might be interested in my experience.

(updated on 8/29/2003!)
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So tonight I went to the Levellers show at the Great American Music Hall. It turned out to be a fantastic concert! It was perhaps one of the most fun concerts I’ve been to in a while. They played about 40% music off the new albums (new since and including Mouth to Mouth) which wasn’t so good. But they did such a great job with the older songs, that it was hard not to love the whole show. I often spend concerts in contemplation as I listen to the music, but at this show I just jumped and danced around almost the whole time.
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Why to shop organic

In a recent discussion with my friend Ross, we discussed the idea of paying more for organic food. The discussion involved why one should pay more than you do for normal food. As we do sometimes, Ross was the sceptic and I played the part of the organic crunchy guy.

The problem breaks down into two problems really: Why should you buy organic, and then, seperately, why should you be willing to spend more money, sometimes signifigantly more.

First, I discuss my personal reasons why one should buy organic, and focus on health.
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