So tonight I went to the Levellers show at the Great American Music Hall. It turned out to be a fantastic concert! It was perhaps one of the most fun concerts I’ve been to in a while. They played about 40% music off the new albums (new since and including Mouth to Mouth) which wasn’t so good. But they did such a great job with the older songs, that it was hard not to love the whole show. I often spend concerts in contemplation as I listen to the music, but at this show I just jumped and danced around almost the whole time.

One interesting thing was not so much that the opening band was of course mediocre, but that they must have wondered what the deal was with this band they’re opening for – when the opening band played, there were probably less than 60 people in the hall. The good news was that when the Levellers finally showed up, there were maybe 150 people there. While I think they’re past their prime, it was good to see some die hard fans still really enjoying it.

I think that was the other thing that contributed to my enjoyment of the show: the folks seemed to just be having fun with it all. Everyone, even those not dancing, seemed to be just enjoying the music. So often at shows there are all these other things going on – various dramas as friends or signifigant others dislike the band, or a lot of socializing and reunions as people keep running into friends they haven’t seen in a while.. not to mention the various people hitting on other people and the other people trying to whisper things to their friends about how this creepy guy is hitting on them.

But none of that went on here. It was just people there to have a good time, people just relaxed and enjoying themselves… there were no furrowed brows as people tried to decide if the band was trying to hard, nobody trying to be that funny guy who yells dumb stuff from halfway back or that other guy who knows the obscure b-side and proves his extensive fanhood by yelling its alternate title out when the band doesn’t even ask for requests.

And so we just hung out and enjoyed ourselves – Caleb, Marc, Jeff. It was a good ol’ time. Its just a shame the GAMH doesn’t have real ticket stubs! :)

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