OpenSP and CygWin

So in my DocBook exploration, I’ve discovered the beauty of sgml mode on Xemacs. If only I could get it to do validation. For that, I needed nsgmls, which is a part of James Clark‘s SP package. But it turns out he’s all but abandoned it and the OpenJade group has taken up the cause and made OpenSP, currently at version 1.5.1.

The problem I ran into there is that the freakin’ thing doesn’t compile on cygwin. What I kept running into were all sorts of link errors:

undefined reference to
 `__static_initialization_and_destruction_0(int, int)'

After hunting around quite a bit, I discovered that this is a common cygwin error, and to fix it you need to comment out all the references to #pragma interface and #pragma implementation.

Of course! That’s what I thought it was all along. Well at least there are enough keywords here for google to index this highly, and help someone else.

Now back to mozilla doc hacking.

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