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ActionScript scoping

I recently ran into this crazy ActionScript scoping issue, that drove me so crazy I decided it needed a post. ActionScript is an ECMAScript language so learning it has been very fun. I’m able to use all my JS knowledge and then extend it to a much richer language.
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I’m famous!

A long time ago, people were bitching about Hungarian notation in code. Its a rediculous convention perpetrated by Microsoft in the early nineties. During some debates on a mozilla newsgroup, circa 1999, I made this comment:

prepBut nI vrbLike adjHungarian! qWhat’s artThe adjBig nProblem?

Well, I had no idea how this goofy statement had been passed around. A quick search on google turns up all sorts of hits where people have used it in their e-mail signature. I even found a guy offering T-shirts with the quote.

Anyhow, I just found the whole thing funny.

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OpenJade and Cygwin

I’ve spent more time with OpenSP/OpenJade trying to get everything working under Cygwin, and I think I’ve finally got it.

Here’s what I had to change:

  • OpenSP 1.5.1
    1. Edit, and comment out #define SP_HAVE_LOCALE OpenSP will work with this turned on, but OpenJade will break. Better to just disable locale support in OpenSP and let OpenJade figure it out later.
    2. Run configure --with-included-gettext Cygwin’s gettext support is lacking bindtextdomain or something.
    3. Ditch the #pragmas Cygwin doesn’t support #pragma interface and #pragma implementation, and it results in undefined symbols during linking. This is in a lot of the source files, you’ll probably want to write a perl or awk script to take care of it.
  • OpenJade 1.3.2
    1. Edit grove/Node.h, and change the #ifdef SP_WCHAR_T_USHORT to #ifdef SP_WCHAR_T_USHORT_ OpenJade defines it’s Char type as a Unsigned32. This is apparently incompatible with grove’s definition of GroveChar as a wchar_t. Cant’ we all just get along?
    2. Edit, and add a second chop; – gotta love window’s CRLF linefeed sequence, and the way it confuses perl.

At this point, I know I can run the openjade.exe binary. I haven’t really fiddled with it any more, but I have an article I want to format as HTML.. so that’s next.