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Why NOT to eat organic

A while back I was exercising my writing, trying to find an voice for this blog, and wrote Why to shop organic. A friend of mine recently gave me a hard time about it and through a funny confluence of events, I found two reasons not to eat organic.

Reason number one: Probably the reason Heather used to call organic strawberries “armpit fruit”:


Yes, that is a dead worm in my artichoke. Yes, I had to eat this far to discover it. :)

Reason number two: Sure they don’t use pesticides, but I don’t want babies working the fields any more than I want 12 year olds making my shirts.

Organic Rice Cereal Box


Andy Rooney on Iraq

I never thought I’d be sending around something that took Andy Rooney seriously, but this morning I ran into a post on BoingBoing that blew me away. Last night Andy Rooney’s segment on 60 minutes (BitTorrent link) blasted the Iraq effort in a way that I think much of Middle America can understand: basic facts. (Also see the transcript.

I have a theory that many more people would be against the Iraq war and more critical of the Whitehouse administration if they simply understood the implications for this country. For example, I wonder how many people know that our budget this year for defense is $336 billion, yet our educational budget is $61 billion? I wonder how many people would support the simplest proposal of say, cutting $30 billion from the defense budget in order to increase the education budget by a whopping 50%?

And so I can’t begin to express how pleased I am that someone like Andy Rooney, who is typically viewed as fairly harmless, suddenly has become so vocally critical of the war. I think the mainstream media finally got some backbone with their outrage over the handling of Katrina, but I’m going to predict that Andy Rooney’s segment yesterday is a turning point for public criticism of the war and this administration. I think this changes the face of opposition. I think for many people it all sounds like the just the rantings of some that crazy mom Cindy Sheehan, or some crazy Californians who are too disconnected from the real world to have a legitimate voice, or some vocal celebrities jumping on the bandwagon of rebelliousness.


Why to shop organic

In a recent discussion with my friend Ross, we discussed the idea of paying more for organic food. The discussion involved why one should pay more than you do for normal food. As we do sometimes, Ross was the sceptic and I played the part of the organic crunchy guy.

The problem breaks down into two problems really: Why should you buy organic, and then, seperately, why should you be willing to spend more money, sometimes signifigantly more.

First, I discuss my personal reasons why one should buy organic, and focus on health.
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