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The guy lives to possess eating, gender, liquor, and all sorts of other hedonistic some thing

In business and you will functions, Leo Son can be quite competitive. He has the fresh aspiration so you’re able to signal other people. He can feel a good commander and you may is designed to mildew an effective community with the just what he thinks it needs to be. He wants someone else to follow him and you may detests getting disagreed that have.

Leos normally overindulgent. He really wants to live your life. To have your, life is meant to be preferred in which he often free zero costs with the intention that your to do so. He might finish asleep with another woman while you are not able to bring your their carnal means. He is able to also mentally consume otherwise binge take in when something try upwards.

And you can part of allowing you to function as lioness that you is actually, he’s going to will let you gamble, romp, and express your own sexuality

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