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16 Reasons to Never ever go Trinidad & Tobago

Are Trinidad and you may Tobago the vacation place to go for your? In the event that you check out? Possibly… perhaps not. There are many reasons you should not campaign to your shores even after Style Mag record which dual area attraction as one of the greatest holiday destinations to have 2017!

Here are sixteen ‘tongue when you look at the cheek’ reason travelling to Trinidad and you can Tobago you’ll not one of your finest suggestions:

1. You could get filthy…

One time per year during the top away from Trinidad and Tobago’s famous Carnival seasons, there’s a great pre-beginning group named J’ouvert (obvious “Jou-vay”). Patrons wander off throughout the sounds and get unrecognizable when they is actually secured from inside the dirt, cocoa, paint and you may powder. Read the rest of this entry »

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