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2700 San Pablo filing for bankruptcy?

Check out this article in the Berkeley Daily Planet: San Pablo Condo Project Defaults, Forced Sale Scheduled. I live very close to this building, and the building is, sort of, a big improvement from the abandoned gas station that was on this lot previously. But ever since it’s been finished, all of the storefronts and street-level live/work spaces have been unoccupied.
About a year ago this building was being finished, and 3 more projects were in the works: 2747 San Pablo (a huge 40+ unit building where there is already a business), 2748 San Pablo (a 20-23 unit building where Clay of the Land used to be) and another one adjacent to the one at 2700 San Pablo (I can’t find the link now, where there used to be a car dealership)

Now all these projects seem to be on hold. New businesses have sprung up in the latter lots using the existing buildings. I must admit I’m pretty disappointed with how the whole thing turned out.

I am actually a bit in favor of some actual development along this corridor because the vacant lots and failing businesses were of questionable value to the neighborhood. (The used care dealership was just full of broken down cars, I always wondered who actually went there to buy a car, because the cars never seemed to change) But with this housing downturn we may be heading back where it was before…

And now I just found this: San Pablo Condos Top ZAB’s Agenda – looks like some nearby projects are still going forward. Huh.

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