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Keven ( this new Beatboxer of one’s group) are an excellent Christian, and that i’d assume does not accept regarding Homosexuality

hey I do believe the maybe not insights one thing! The author isn’t jealous! He’s Certainly demonstrating individuals who this new PTX are scrap!( That’s Best shown) You’re an enthusiastic unmitigated ass whom does not know any thing!

A great Date sir! When you’re a beneficial Religious, I wish to area you to definitely the fresh new KJV scripture one states “However, when he and that hath titled your is holy, thus become ye holy in most technique of dialogue”. (step 1 Peter step 1:15)

your naturally don’t know just what ability is. how will you? you don’t have an ounce of it inside you. PTX has actually more talent than simply you all the you may. just in case do you believe PTX is rubbish, this may be makes you tough

????????????that’s it…allow the butthurt circulate by way of you??I suppose I ought to apologize having my mean, Appropriate comment. Read the rest of this entry »

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