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Therefore, people get a sense of definition (i

e., integrity) as a consequence of mindful post on how its life have been lived (Krause, 2012). Preferably, yet not, ethics does not stop right here but instead continues to progress for the the fresh virtue from information. Centered on Erikson, this is basically the goal in this phase from lifestyle. If one observes its lifestyle since unsuccessful, or think it don’t accomplish their lifestyle requirements, they might become upset having existence and create just what Erikson calls despair, tend to leading to anxiety and you can hopelessness. It stage may appear outside of the series when one feels he could be nearby the end of their lives (such as for example when receiving a terminal problem prognosis).

Figure 1. Erikson emphasized the importance of ethics and you will impact a feeling of accomplishment as the a mature people appears right back to their life.

Erikson’s Ninth Stage

Erikson collaborated with his girlfriend, Joan, due to a lot of their run psychosocial creativity. Read the rest of this entry »

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