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Tramp mode rocks

ok, it’s been a while since my last post, but I’m going to try starting up again.

I just want to rave about “tramp mode” in emacs. If you haven’t yet seen this, it allows you to load up files from a machine that you have ssh access to. Accessing it is super-easy. Rather than C-x C-f to load a local file path, just enter the file path as ssh://userid@host:/path/

After that everything you save will be saved over ssh/scp. Brilliant.

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Looking at Tiger

Wow, I’ve just started reading Ars Technica’s first look at Tiger. Needless to say I’m impressed. It sounds like they’ve done quite a bit under the hood this time around, making for a really interesting platform. Between that and trying to make ugly apps pretty with wxWindows, I’m getting jealous of people writing mac-only apps.

A few of my favorite things in Tiger that I’ve read about:

  • Incrementally better support for 64-bit addressing. Not tremendously interesting in itself, but its helping Mac keep pace with ia64 without completely revamping the whole OS like you have to do when running linux-ia64.
  • launchd – very cool replacement for the umteen different ways unix-like OS’s use for launching processes not directly invoked by the user. It replaces inetd, cron, initd, and more. Good riddens.
  • Awesome filesystem support – ACLs, strong lightweight metadata, etc. I think WinFS is such a cool idea and I hope OSX and Linux can eventually follow suit.

And that’s just the beginning. I need to finish the article. Next stop, I might have to get myself a personal Mac.

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