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Interesting insights about your relationship with an ISTJ

Thank you Michaela I’m an infj and those mentioned as a great match are definitely my favourite types of people to be around.

There’s still something to learn about love, self and relationships from the other types who may not be the best match

This info graphic doesn’t take into account sexual orientation and so is excluding anyone that does not identify entirely straight. I avoid extroverted or introverted sensors as an INTJ, so some of those ideal matches suggested heighten my ‘flight’ response.

i’m confused how this doesn’t take into account sexual orientation. it’s based on personality and everyone has a personality so therefore everyone is included. just because you’re a gay ISFJ doesn’t make you less of an ISFJ. or am I missing something??

I also am not quite sure what you mean hi5 hookup. The infographic is not gender specific and is based on Myers-Briggs personality types.

It applies to every human with a personality type regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender

Enjoyed the Article. This Valentines Day AM I awoke next to my ENFP lady love. Her prodding nearly a year ago was how I discovered MBTI and my INFJ-ness to begin with.

It has been an exquisite adventure and shows every sign of only getting better. She has helped me break out of my shell in so many ways, led me on journey’s of discovery, places I would never have gone, things I would never have done, people I would never have met. Read the rest of this entry »

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